I think this had to do with all the spices and herbs that were used in this bacon mix. rounddp(weight * 0.4 * 1000 / mlpergallon,3) + " gallons"; Customizable Wet and Dry Equilibrium (EQ) Cure Calculators for Bacon November 11, 2019 by Maura Equilibrium (EQ) curing is a method in which an exact amount of cure ingredients are applied based on the weight of the meat to be cured. The big problem is that salt penetrates at a different pace, depending on the brand and the shape of the salt. If it’s too salty, you can place it in a pan of fresh water for 20-30 mins, then fry it up again until you get the preferred salt level. } But you can study at your own pace with lifetime access- it's packed with content both theory and process I've learned over 15+ years of doing this. Every packet of bacon in the shop, I tend to read the nutritional information on the back, they are normally around 1.0-1.5g per 100g (or 1%-1.5%). or document.getElementById('calcwaterrow').style.display = ''; 3. Now I guess in a perfect world I would have my own vacpac for this, but I always ended up borrowing friends gear instead. Salt can also vary greatly in shape and density, it sounds crazy but salt from one type to another can nearly double in space or volume sometimes. This site is owned by eatcuredmeat.com, it participates in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to Amazon.com. Salt is a funny beast since everyone seems to perceive the intensity differently. This method uses a wet cure based on precise weights of both meat and cure ingredients Thu 17 Mar 2011 03.00 EDT. Most of the time I use a kettle grill with a smoker generator or pellet tube on the gas grill unlit. My favourite Bacon A cure with slightly more salt and less sugar - My favourite Bacon . Using this brine when the bacon increase it's green weight by 10% there will be 120ppm Sodium Nitrite and 3% salt in the bacon. "; Now this works as long as the container is kind of a tight fit to whatever the meat weight is. And then combining the 2 for a final quick blitz in the spice grinder. % If you feel you You can, of course, rub the equilibrium cure into the meat on a wooden board, but I have found through experience that you always end up having some level of cure left on the board rather than adhering it to your meat. Whether you dry-cured or wet cured we have one last important step to achieving bacon bliss. Meat Curing Calculator Tool I also stay between 156-160 PPM Sodium Nitrite (the USDA says it must be between 120 ppm & 200 ppm for dry cure skin off bacon). If you’re new to bacon making or equilibrium curing, please read the rest of this post. % Use a bowl to mix in the EQ cure, you can then make sure the mixture is evenly spread over and have it all in a Ziploc bag. Rub the cure on the belly and put in a zip lock bag expelling all the air. } else { Generally, I am following some basic rules, but I just throw it all in the mortar or pestle or spice grinder and keep trying it until it tastes good. That is probably why it is enjoyed so thoroughly by many people. Need some kind of air sealed bag, ‘ziploc’ work very well for this. You submerge the meat for a while depending on the thickness. So the techniques that I have heard about is using sous vide bags made of silicon, which are reusable and washable. I've made an online video course on 'whole muscle meat curing', it's rather rich in detail. This will mean there aren’t any additives in the salt. This method uses a wet cure based on precise weights of both meat and cure ingredients. Sometimes it’s worth doing a bit of a test run with the meat and the container to see how much water is necessary to submerge the meat in the brining solution. Cracked pepper is one I just about always use, unless I have to appeal to someone’s sweet tooth, so real maple syrup can get lathered in sometimes, then I won’t use pepper. As mentioned previous, if you have accurate scales, you can work out the percentage of salt to whatever the weight the meat is. We have cured bacon on Timber2Table before using a dry cure method. I will do this again and try the equilibrium method. If you want to read some more information on nitrates, I made a page that relates to scientific studies and has just summarized these studies briefly. } "; Ham, bacon, salt pork, pancetta, and, gravlax are examples of foods that are dry cured. So if you measure salt by volume for instance, like a tablespoon, your recipe can have very different outcomes, you may have come across this in recipes and never noticed it, I didn’t realize it for many years. please find that link here. I really slow down when I do this part of it, since it’s really important, accuracy at this stage leads to good outcomes when it comes to your tasty bacon. It took over the way that I cured bacon or when I do a pancetta style bacon. if (isNaN(weight)) { Its indirect hot smoking or low & slow bbq style smoking. Great flavor from this working muscle. Mendonça, Delaine M. Gouvêa, Humberto M. Hungaro, Arthur de F. Sodré, Amparo Querol-Simon, Dynamics of the yeast flora in artisanal country style and industrial dry cured sausage (yeast in fermented sausage), , It’s up to you, for simple dry-cured meat 2.25% is a very common sea salt level (pink salt in addition to this, so it ends up being 2.5% TOTAL SALT. Feedback for the course has been overwhelmingly positive - I think it's the most comprehensive whole muscle meat curing charcuterie course on the internet! Being a huge bacon lover I’ve tried quite a few techniques and styles on how to make bacon at home. The process for wet cure bacon is very similar. Personal preference prevails, cold smoking bacon will produce favorable outcomes. This little known plugin reveals the answer. Is Amazon actually giving you the best price? Different types and brands of salt, have different sizes, hence the have different weights. 2. Sometimes when you’re doing the home curing you may be using only 0.5-1.0 pounds of pork belly for the bacon. docalc(); Enjoy :) The easy way is to make up some basic dry cure. So 3 options depending on which way you want to go: Having Ziploc bags or baking dishes, I presume people have in the kitchen already. I’ve done a little bit of hot smoking bacon, but to be honest for me it’s not really bacon, as you’re just really curing and then low & slow smoking a piece of pork belly. To achieve this you can use a manual grinding method or automatic grinding methods like a coffee spice grinder. var weight = document.getElementById('calcweight').value; And really wiping up the cure with the meat inside the bowl, so that the bowl is practically clean of curing mix at the end of it. The dry salt curing takes care of the bacteria in the meat. This 40-page booklet is concise and covers what I have learned over 15 years of cold smoking both wild or farmed meat and non-meat varieties. 1172 grams of salt + 80 grams Cure 1 + 2528 grams of water. He made a video called “Hog and Hominy” where he carves up a side of his dry cured bacon to fry over an open fire. Shelf-stable semi-dry sausages must have a moisture protein ratio of 3.1:1 or less and a pH of 5.0 or less, according to FSIS labeling standards. I like to do loin bacon quite often too. 1, I created an equilibrium curing calculator to make it simple for anyone, function rounddp(x,digits) { Pancetta is fully dry-cured and uses pink curing salt no.2 so that the outcome can be fully dried and consumed, once the weight is 65% of what it was when it started. Pancetta is a super classic Italian Salumi, but also one of the easiest classic cured meats you can make. Check out a little video I did and more info on the course page. Cold smoking is the way I do most of my dry-cured bacon, I think the dry curing brings out the herbs and spices used in the mixture. The finished bacon tasted wonderful as far as smoke and spices, but it was way, way too salty. Dried (mostly dry cured) whole muscle products include prosciutto, parma and country hams as well as pancetta, cappocola, coppa, Designed for the home cook who wishes to develop their own products using a domestic kitchen on a small scale and uses equipment and ingredients readily available to everyone. The good old-fashioned saltbox or saturation method is based on leaving the meat in the cure for a day per 2 pounds or 1 kg. I like to kind of roll the meat up in the ziploc bag, with the seal slightly open on one end. It’s the perfect way to get precision spicing & your preferred saltiness into the bacon. This is a basic cure recipe, if you want to experiment with additional ingredients feel free to do so - herbs, sugars and other dry flavourings give good results. Bacon is placed for 10 days in curing solution. After 7 days, remove from the bag and rinse under water. Seal it tightly to keep out air. Salting, either with dry salt or brine, was a common method of preserving meat until the middle of the 20th century, becoming less popular after the advent of refrigeration. Like anti-caking agents. Dry-curing bacon is an extremely easy process. Comparison of three methods for determination of N-nitrosopyrrolidine in fried dry-cured bacon. I find Pops6927’s recipe from the Smoking Meat forums to be a great place to start.. } else { As mentioned accurate kitchen scales are a must for this, most scales go to 0.1 oz or 1 gram or 0.3-0.6 oz or 3-5 grams. Spice grinder (coffee grinders) are really useful for this. I utilize the space underneath the fruit and vegetable containers in my fridge. You could try the same I guess, but it’s just a guess! ===== Combine the … My insatiable appetite and passion toward classic Italian dry-cured salumi and all forms of curing and smoking are what drives this website engine. or But I have read that 5% to 10%, is the appropriate level to use for long-term storage of meat. % g document.getElementById('calcwaterrow').style.display = 'none'; You add the water to the meat weight to give a total that you work out the percentages for: I like often going after a pancetta style bacon, I end up drying out the meat in the DIY curing chamber or even putting it on a non-reactive rack in the fridge. How long would you cure or how long can/should you dry out bacon in the DIY meat chamber. After many requests, here is a calculator to work out salt and pink curing salt (for both pink curing salt 1 or 2). It developed a slight slimy exterior. The texture varies a lot too I have found between cuts when making bacon variations. I then just refry it up when I want to serve it. document.getElementById('calcout' + i).innerHTML = After curing, bacon is still in slab form. Streaky bacon is the most common type of bacon in the US but new varieties are continually popping up. Full of flavor, won’t easily find this cut of meat unless you are butchering your own pig or know someone who is. All the best, Tom, Tom — Enjoyed the website. I like to do it in winter since you have to have a maximum temperature of 30°C/86°F. In these products Cure #1 is added directly to ground meat. Let's Make Bacon! Then you end up leaving a small amount of dry curing converted into a kind of salt brine in your bowl. So, for example, you are aiming for 2% total salt to the weight of the meat. From doing courses, trial & error and reading extensively – finally, I thought it was time to share my passion online. document.getElementById('calcerror').innerHTML = "Meat weight does not appear to be a valid number! Dry Cure Bacon Calculator Total Weight of Boneless Meat gm Are you curing to US or EU regulations EU US Neither If you have selected 'Neither' how many mg/kg nitrite do you want in the bacon? Just like the explorers of the old world, on their voyages across the globe with salt fish or salt pork for instance. This is an incredible old traditional form of preserving. Cold Smoking is a somewhat ancient & special craft, it's often drying with cold smoke but then there is SO much more to the subtleness. I read an old smoking book called Home Smoking & Curing by Keith Erlandson, which talks about humidity factors in the commercial smoking industry. Then it has taken on a fair bit of smoke flavor. Sometimes I just get hungry and what to try it! I have played around with all of them, so find a link if you want more info on any of them: The key is to have the temperature & humidity (not as essential but helps) conducive for cold smoking. The sugar I hoped would add a sweetness to contrast with the salt and pepper, but after making the cure, I wasn't sure exactly what the paprika would do, although it certainly didn't hurt it in the end. It works well, but sometimes the bacon can turn out pretty salty. ... My Bacon Cure Calculator can be used to design bacon cures that comply with either. So quality meat helps too. Wet Cure Method. // and add the weight of the water 1, Prague powder No.1 it has many other names. Before getting to the step by step guide, I will go over the main bacony basics, so you can choose what to make. Equilibrium Dry Curing So dry cure it was for my first bacon, and on top of the required Kosher and pink curing salts, I added dark brown sugar and paprika to the cure. Freeze any you won’t be using in the next week. I have only come across this in the United Kingdom. It helps to heat the mixture up to fully dissolve it, wait until it is room temperature, then it is ready for use. The recipe is based on dry curing with no. There are affiliate programs and is compensated for referring traffic and business to these companies. To really cold smoke bacon properly, it’s about cold smoking until it has dried out thoroughly, since your getting to a point where bacon has dried enough to be preserved. If you do not cook and consume your bacon right away, wrap it with plastic wrap. If you’re new to bacon making or equilibrium curing, please read the rest of this post. Dry Cured Bacon - Tutorial. Salt-cured meat or salted meat is meat or fish preserved or cured with salt. After many requests, here is a calculator to work out salt and pink curing salt (for both pink curing salt 1 or 2). And this relates to the dry-cured preserving meat-type cold smoking. Hey Craig, If you haven’t smoked food before, I have a beginners guide to smoking, just to introduce the basics, check it out here. Gates RA, Pensabene JW, Fiddler W. The recently developed Eastern Regional Research Center ( ERRC ) dry column chromatographic procedure for determining N-nitrosopyrrolidine (NPYR) in fried cure-pumped bacon was evaluated for its applicability to fried dry-cured bacon. But I can’t report a proper procedure for this yet so watch this space. This pressing down on the cured meat, I presume just speeds up the process a little bit. Pink curing salt I will cover both methods I use want gear you need. I’ve found that over about 4-5% is incredibly salty and just about too much to handle. A week is generally enough for most sizes of pork belly I have seen, but it will depend on how thick it is. 1000g / 1 kilogram = 1,000 mL / 1 Liter. if (type === "brining") { 1 since I will be cooking this meat. thuringer, Lebanon bologna, etc. Two strips of fried bacon. There is a negligible amount of information on Spanish sausages in English, and even the Spanish books offer only a few recipes with general information, very skimpy instructions and hardly any explanations. Long strips of delicious fatty meat sizzling on fire - it sounds like bacon. Wet brining =a liquid curing solution with salt, sugar, and spices. } There is a bunch of simple tools that can be used to cold smoke, you can even just use it with your gas grill. Wet cured bacon is brined instead of dry rubbed, although the rinsing and smoking process is the same. Bacon slabs cured with nitrites will last 4 to 6 weeks in the refrigerator and 3 months in the freezer. havent had a crack for a while. var errorMsg = null; var amount = pct * weight / 100; // kg Lots of flavor too, no solid fat runs as many other cuts. It works well, but sometimes the bacon can turn out pretty salty. In some traditional recipes from Italy, they do also lightly smoke the pancetta. Method Just a little note to say a big thank you for the bacon calculator which I used last week to cure my 2nd slab of bacon. lb if (unit === "lb") weight = weight / poundsPerKg; It helps the curing process in many ways, I prefer to always use it for bacon. var unit = document.querySelector('input[name="calcunit"]:checked').value; Salt Weigh the boneless meat in grams. 1 otherwise known as instant cure no. for (var i = 1; i <= 2;i ++) { So for a 2 pound/1 kg pork, I use as a base: Pink Curing Salt No.1 = 5 grams / 1 teaspoon per quart/liter of water. What this meant was that it had three days of cold smoking and was rested overnight in between the smoking sessions. var pct = document.getElementById('calcin' + i).value; After curing the pork belly, people usually smoke bacon to help give it its signature, robust flavor. For wet curing brining that package will always say use: 2 tablespoons or 27 grams = 4 cups or 1 quart or 1 liter of water. Once it’s done and recorded it’s pretty straightforward. Actually I just got a chunk of pork belly today! But as I said, if you move fast then you don’t get the moisture brine mixture left hanging around the bowl. } if (unit === "lb") weight = weight / poundsPerKg; So I guess what I’m saying is you can leave equilibrium curing for longer, but be aware that it’s not a free license to forget about it for a month. I find a fair bit of marbling in this cut of bacon though. It was frequently … You really want to be precise about all these measurements. When it comes to the type of salt, the short answer is to to use pure sea salt or kosher salt. // convert weight to kg return Math.round(x * Math.pow(10,digits)) / Math.pow(10,digits); However, the terminology used for some of them can be confusing. When you place your pork belly cured bacon (or whatever cut of meat you are using for bacon) in the fridge. Is there anything I can do to reduce the saltiness in the finished bacon? I have tried both options, the skin can actually be super useful for flavoring soups and casseroles if it’s part of the finished product. ... Leave it to dry for a … Then I would use 1.75% sea salt +0.25% pink curing salt. Often the pink curing salt is for commercial purposes, it’s cheap to buy in small quantities, here is a link to Amazon. var type = document.querySelector('input[name="calctype"]:checked').value; Plug in 10 or 20 pounds as weight then calculate the ingredients. Readers (& participants) in the Big Bacon Challenge will have noticed how little effort is involved in making dry cured bacon at home. Using metric because it’s easier, Sea Salt @ 2.0% x … See Dry Cured Cold Smoked Bacon References Making Bacon, New England Farmer (Boston, Massachusettes), 29 Jan 1840, p3. Thanks for dropping by, I’ve been passionate about meat curing for around 20 years now. After combing the two and give it a quick blitz in the grinder. Whilst the meat is still a bit wet from the rinsing, this is a good time to give the bacon a flavor hit if you want. Whether you’re using the wet or the dry curing method, the next step for smoking the bacon is the same. Insert the weight of the meat into one of the EQ calculators (links on this page). // If brining, add the weight of the water Because the measurements are sometimes like 0.5g for certain types of herbs and spices you might want to use. Cold smoked bacon is the real deal, it does generally take longer, but the equipment you can use is super basic. This squeezes as much of the air out of the bag as possible. If you feel you have some play room, I would recommend it- but keep in mind, this is NOT your breakfast bacon. rounddp(amount * 1000,2) + " g or " + Investing in accurate digital scales that go down to 0.X decimal places or even 0.XX 2 decimal places is the only way. I did a page on some decent cured meat knives that I use a lot, check them out here. It’s a much higher fat content then loin (back) bacon. Just like green bacon, if you want to make something super tasty and aren’t going to do any smoking (well you can smoked pancetta if you want, it also tastes awesome). The drying intensifies the flavor! Here is another page (with same tool but other info) on equilibrium curing here. // curing My Favourite Bacon I recently posted a bacon tutorial that I wrote for the sausage making forum. 2, which, means 35% weight loss has to be reached before eating it. // curing But if you are limited on bellies, and smoked bacon is what you prefer, then do that. With equilibrium curing, it doesn’t matter if you leave it a few days longer. document.getElementById('calcwaterrow').style.display = 'none'; 1, Complete the drying or pellicle formation on the surface, Smoke until the internal temperature of 150°F/65°C. We have cured bacon on Timber2Table before using a dry cure method. The grain size is … (update-for whole muscle cured meat, where I know what has happened to the meat and how it was handled, I am opting out of pink curing salt 1 – but this is a personal call for anyone). Homemade Bacon (dry cured and air dried) Before you get started, don't forget, I created a recipe card just for readers of this post. There are a couple of options that I suggest that will do the trick nicely. 1 is applied at 0.25% of the meat weight for equilibrium curing (see below), 0.0025 x 900 = 2.25 grams of pink curing salt no. Wet Brine Equilibrium Curing = % of Sea Salt + 0.25% Pink Curing Salt to the Total Weight of the Meat in addition 1L=1Kg weight so 40% water is calculated of the total meat weight The amount of salt added can be reduced for a … Don't lose sleep about the curing times. Unwrap the bacon and slice. I also fried up some dry cured bacon and maple bacon. My favorite cold smoked bacon was from the deli; it was called triple smoked applewood bacon. Can turn out some amazing bacon! Basic Dry Cure Bacon. Having a like to use a cooling rack to do this. If you are using the EQ method, then fine salt I think is best since you want to distribute across all the meat you are curing. Which seems low for me, but I’m not doing commercial bacon (often brined though). So it was a bit of a revelation discovering how to equilibrium cure or brine bacon, it means I had control over the level of saltiness that you taste (rather than guessing with the old covering the bacon with the salt method). // and add the weight of the water Dry curing pork and beef (with molasses), The Indiana Herald, 17 Use quality ingredient and follow an accurate recipe. } The standard advice is to cure the meat for 1 day for each ½ inch (13mm) of thickness, plus two days. Pat Since you are going to cook it you can choose the level of drying too. Home-cured and home-smoked bacon are simple to make and require minimal equipment and time.